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High Speed Paper Machine Influencing Factors


A lot of problems will be appeared in paper machine under high speed condition, such as paper defects, equipment failure, even broken paper. In paper making process, there are many influencing factors affect high speed paper machine running, and the high speed paper machine constraints can be summarized as following.

High Speed Paper Machine Constraints

Cleaning: Not only the workshop environment, more importantly, the pulp system (especially the paper machine approach flow system), the auxiliary system equipment and pipe wall, wet section rack, roller, felt and other parts, are not allowed to accumulate dirt, scaling. Of course, the dryer section and other parts, do not allow paper fluff fly, dryer felt and drying cylinder surface accumulate paper dust, oil.

Stabilization: The pulp ratio, beating quality and pulp concentration should be stable. Stable pulp can maintain the stability of the paper machine process parameters, paper machine can work stably; Feed pulp pressure should be stable. The stability of the feed pulp pressure determines the stability of headbox spray pulp pressure, that is the pulp ratio stability. The speed of pulp ratio determines the paper vertical and horizontal tensile strength (strength), the large fluctuation of the pulp ratio, will affect the large fluctuation of wire section dehydration rate, the different quality of the fiber formation; The uniformity of the paper and the fluctuation of the vertical and horizontal tensile strength, will make the changes of press section peel angle; The looseness fluctuation of other parts, causing the paper defects or paper breaking.

Uniform: Pulp distribution even: The headbox distribute the pulp to the wire must be evenly, which includes the consistency of pulp thickness, the concentration consistent, the consistency of the velocity. The wire section dehydration evenly: This means that the same dehydration rate of the pulp in the direction of the wire section, otherwise the retention rate will be different; The initial base weight uniform: Refers to the paper base weight is absolutely uniform.

Dehydration rate: The wire section dewatering rate determines the wire section length and the paper machine speed, the wire section higher dewatering rate with better effect; Common combi-press are determined by the press roll, the felt and the degree of vacuum.