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Large Dryer VS General Dryer

Dryer cylinder is mainly used for drying and burning paper during the paper drying. The main components of the dryer cylinder include: roller shell, spoiler, siphon, end cover, manhole cover, bearing, shaft head, steam joint and so on. Are there some difference between large dryer and general dryer? The answer is yes.

Diversity Between Two Types Dryer Cylinder

1. In order to meet the requirements of strength and rigidity, the wall thickness of large dryer cylinder is 50-70mm, more than one-time of the general dryer cylinder, and the mass is 50-70t.
2. In order to improve the stress of cylinder head and cylinder body, an inner pull pipe is arranged at the center of two ends of cylinder, the middle part of inner pull pipe is provided with a compensation ring, the pre-tension of compensation ring is properly controlled, the tensile stress of the fixing bolt of cylinder cover can be reduced.
3. The steam sent to the large dryer cylinder is 15 to 19 times more than that of the general dryer cylinder. In order to improve the in-cylinder steam circulation and reduce the inner diameter of shaft head, the steam is normally introduced from the operating side, and condensed water is discharged from the transmission side, temperature of the condensed water and heat transfer is low, the transmission mechanism and speed reducer are less heated.

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