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Leading Paper Pulping Equipment


Different pulping equipment have different using and processing function in paper making process, Leizhan as a professional supplier of pulping equipment, there are some details about pulping equipment.

Paper Pulping Equipment Pressure Difference

High Density Cleaner: Concentration: 3-5%; Pressure Difference: 0.1-0.2Mpa

Middle Density Cleaner: Concentration: 2-3%; Pressure Difference: 0.07-0.12Mpa

Low Density Cleaner: Concentration: 1.0-1.5%; Pressure Difference: 0.10-12Mpa

M.C. Pressure Screen: Concentration: 1.0-4.0%; Pressure Difference: 0.02-0.04Mpa

Inflow Pressure Screen: Concentration: 0.8-1.2%; Pressure Difference: 0.01-0.03Mpa