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Paper Machine Breast Roll


Breast roll is also an accessory of paper machine, and paper machine breast roll is mainly for supporting forming section to achieve the purpose of dehydration. Breast roll is the reversing roller of paper machine forming wire. The breast roll need to have good stiffness, and have a larger radius of curvature for copper wire mesh in paper production line.

Breast roller is made of seamless steel tube or steel plate in paper machine structure, usually the surface will be hard rubberizing or surface copper coated. For better production, both ends with the hot-rolled cast iron head and steel shaft, the shaft is equipped with bearings at the same time.

The breast roll of paper machine needs to be cleaned in time. When the doctor blade is equipped in close contact with the breast roll surface, the doctor blade can be used to scrape fine fibers adhering to the breast roll surface, so doctor blade should reciprocate in the axial direction, and then complete the breast roller cleaning work.

In addition to the breast roll, we also have other paper machine rolls. such as felt guide roll, extend roll, breast roll, couch roll, wite drive roll and so on. Leizhan as a professional manufacturer of paper and pulp equipment with 37 years, can provide the complete set of paper making process machine(including pulp equipment and paper machine). Any inquiry, feel free to contact us.