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Paper Making Calender Influencing Factors


Paper Calendering Machine is for improving paper smoothness and glossiness. But there are some factors influencing paper making calender effect.

Calender Machine Influencing Factors

Nip: The more nips is passed, the more calendering of the paper sheet, the higher of natural calendering effect.

Line Pressure: The greater of line pressure, the stronger the compression effect in the press section, the better of transfer effect. But the improvement is limited, when exceed a certain limit, the calendering effect is not improved, and the mechanical strength of the paper will be greatly reduced.

Speed: Generally the paper machine speed increases, calendering effect will be reduced. This is because the paper under the action of force, the longer of action time, will be more soft and easy deformation, the shorter of action time, more harder, and elastic. When the paper machine speed is high, the paper sheet instantly go through the nip, so the paper sheet is hard and flexible, calendering effect is reduced.

Moisture: When the paper water content is increased, the plasticity is enhanced, and it is advantageous for calendering. However, when the moisture is too much, it is compressed too tightly, and the transparency is greatly increased, the paper appears to be dark, that is black calendering.

Temperature: The higher temperature of the press section, the better conducive to the plastic deformation of the paper sheet, it can improve the calendering effect.