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Paper Rewinder Machine Supplier


Paper rewinder machine is mainly used for rewinding the paper roll and make the paper width achieve requirement. Leizhan as a leading supplier in paper and pulp equipment, the rewinding machine is designed with high quality.

Paper Rewinder Machine Structure

Framework Device: The framework consists of front & back framework, crossbeam, base rail, guide rail, chain wheel, etc. Four-column frame structure model is reasonable, with good rigidity and high strength, can satisfy the security work under the larger paper width and high speed.

Supporting Roll Device: Consist of front & back support roll and Bearing device coupling device,etc. The function is to support the paper roll during the rewinding system, to minimize the deflection of the support roll, and make sure no vibration during high speed working.

Paper Rolling Tension Device: This device is winding device without shaft, moved up and down on the Columns rail, consists of support frame, hand wheel, screw, nut, core clamper, etc. Turn the hand wheel, so that the core clamper for the advance and retreat movement, the core clamper to withstand the paper tube core, the pin down for positioning, after winding the paper roll, the plug pulled out, and then turn the hand wheel, you can exit the core clamper.

Paper Roll Guiding Device: Consists of paper guide roller, bearing, bearing house and other components. The function of the paper guiding roller is to keep the paper width at a constant angle into the slitting machine and flatten the paper.

Arc Roller Device: Consists of a multi-section arc-shaped roller, between the two guide rollers, so that the paper evenly spread on both sides, flat into the slitting device.

Paper Pushing Device: The device consists of arm, putter, hydraulic cylinder composition. When the rewinding of a roll is completed, the hydraulic cylinder ejects the push rod, pushing the finished paper roll from the two rollers and then resetting it.

Paper Retreat Device: Consists of ground rail, retreat framework, fixing device, vertical and horizontal adjusting device, etc.

Pneumatic Brake Device: Consists of brake wheel, lever, air tire, framework and water inlet. The device can control the tension required for the sheet when rewinding by adjusting the air pressure of tire, brake wheel adopt circulating water to cool.