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Pressure Screen Operate Principle

In the working process of pressure screen, light impurities and air in the slurry naturally rise to the top slag discharge, and heavy impurities can settle to the bottom as soon as they enter machine. Therefore, on the one hand, the residence time of impurities in the sieve zone is effectively shortened, possibility of impurity circulation is reduced, and screening efficiency is improved. On the other hand, the damage of heavy impurities to rotor and sieve drum is prevented, and service life of equipment is prolonged.

Structural Performance Of Machine

1.Screen drum: excellent round holes and burr-free slots, not like mechanical washing grooves stress and groove cracks are generated. A hard grading process is available to improve wear resistance.
2.Rotor: 3-4 rotors are installed on the semi-finished rotor. After assembly, the balance is strictly corrected, and rotor doesn’t vibrate when rotating at high speed. The rotor is mounted on the main shaft, and rotor is mounted on rotor through a screw. The clearance between rotor and screen drum can be adjusted. The coarse screen rotor adopts a drum-type external rotor structure and corrects the dynamic balance. This structure prevents impurities from being wound around the rotor and affects the normal operation of equipment.
3.Shell: It consists of upper cover and cylinder. The lower part of the cylinder is provided with tangential feed pipe. Middle part of cylinder is provided with slurry discharging pipe, and upper cover is provided with slag discharging port and flushing water opening.
4.Transmission: including motor, pulley, v-belt, belt tensioning device, spindle and bearing.

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