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Water In Paper Industry


Paper industry is one of the most water consumption and polluting industries, water is necessary in paper making process, the water types in paper mill can be divide into three types.

Water Types In Paper Mill

Thickener White Water: Thickener white water includes the white water, which produced by the bleached pulp to the paper making workshop into thickener equipment produced, which produced by the broken paper pulp into the thickener equipment produced, and white water produced by the wacofilterWaco.

Paper Machine White Water: Usually the white water mainly refers to the paper machine wet section produced, including the wire forming dewatering produced white water, spray water. This is the papermaking workshop main white water.

Paper Making Waste Water: The waste water in papermaking workshop refers to the sum of the white water that can not reuse and must be discharged from the workshop. Mainly include the following:

1. Screen equipment deslagging, and the low density cleaner removing impurities. The white water in this contains more slurry, including good fiber, fiber slag, sand filler particles, dust and other impurities, the concentration can up to 1.2~3.0%.

2. Felt washing water, the water concentration is very low, containing small fibers, fillers, resin and other dirt in the felt or cleaned from the felt.

3. Bearing cooling water, pump sealed water, the water generally contains oil.

4. The excess white water of paper machine recycling using.