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60t/18h Corrugated Paper Production System In UAE

60t/18h Corrugated Paper Production System In UAE

Customer information

On January 13, United Arab Emirates customer came to visit Leizhan paper machinery factory. Due to the reliable and advanced paper machinery and innovative paper production system. UAE customer signed a contract with Leizhan manager on supplying a whole 60T/18H corrugated paper manufacturing system for UAE customer. Leizhan will supply United Arab Emirates customer with a complete 60t/18h paper stock preparation project and corrugated paper machinery  for its new plant. The start-up of the machine is scheduled for 2015.

Machine required

Leizhan’s delivery for the new fluting paper production line will include D type hydrapulper for pulping waste paper with increased production capacity and improved end products quality, Mid consistency pressure screen for coarse and fine screening of waste paper pulp, advanced High density cleaner for removing heavy impurities like staple, glasses, sand and so on effectively. Some other equipment like Chain conveyor, Low consistency cleaner,  Reject separator, Pulp pump, Inflow pressure screen, etc are also included in the delivery.

Corrugated paper machinery

Corrugated paper machinery supplied by Leizhan  will produce 15-500t/d high strength  corrugated paper at  speed range of 100-800m/min. Leizhan fluting paper machinery has a width range of 1575-5800 and basis weight range of 60-150g/m².