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Paper Machine Headbox Problems


Headbox is the heart of paper machine, but some problems of paper machine headbox may occurs in paper making process, so what’s the problems and how to deal with it?

Paper Machine Headbox Problems And Solutions

1. Streaming: Because foreign matter go into the attenuation chamber, block the turbulence generator imports, and deformation of the lip scaling. When stop, enhance to clean.


(1) Press the lip plate, increase the feeding pulp concentration,

(2) Pulled forward the jet nit point, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the top pulp concentration;

(3) Adjust the lip plate according to the dilution water capacity;

2. Internal fouling: The using clean water quality is too hard, resulting in serious internal scaling. The clean water used in internal spray water is changed by condensate water.

3. Pulp Sprayed: Caused by the emergency stop or short stopping cycle time, causing too much pulp in the entire system, when working, the fan pump output value is too fast. In this case, the output value of fan pump in the headbox should be set to manual mode and the speed is raised slowly.