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15T/D Culture Paper Production Line


15T/D Culture Paper Production Line is the paper pulping process and culture paper making process, the paper making process machine is the key for finished paper quality.

Culture Paper Pulping Process

The wood pulp firstly into D-type hydrapulper(C=3~5%) for pulping, then the pulp transported by pulp pump into high density cleaner (C=3~5%, P=0.2~0.5MPa) for removing impurities, after cleaning, the pulp into refiner equipment(C=3~5%) for continuous pulping, finally pulp to pressure screen before paper machine (C=0.4~0.8%) for screening and transported to paper machine.

Culturer Paper Making Machine

Paper Type: Culture Paper

Trimmed Width: 1575mm

Base Weight: 80-100g/m2

Frame Distance: 2400mm

Capacity: 15t/d

Working Speed: 40-50m/min

Design Speed: 60m/min

Drive Type: Ac Frequency Fractional Drive