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Pulp Screening Pressure Screen Equipment

Pulp Screening Pressure Screen Equipment

ZNS M.C Pressure Screen is an international advanced paper pulp screening equipment for paper mill. Our company adopts advanced technology and designs to produce new type pulp mid consistency screening equipment. The pulp screening equipment Pressure screen is used for wood/straw pulp hot screening and chemical, paper pulp coarse and fine screening. This pressure screen has better adaptation, less power &water consumption and high efficiency when compared with common low consistency pressure screen.

Working principle of Pulp screening Pressure screen

ZNS Series Pressure Screen screens paper pulp continuously with pressure in a sealed room. During operation, pulp flows along tangential direction into separation chamber which is on the top of the machine. Heavy impurities are separated in the effect of centrifugal force, then will subside in Heavy slag tank and be dealagged from heavy slag mouth.

Pulp overflow round-shape flash board and flow to the screen space beween screen basket and turbine. Eligible fiber flow through screen basket and expel from accept mouth. Unqualified fiber will subside to the tank bottom and discharged from slag pipe.

Dilution pipe is installed Right in front of slag pipe, it is used to adjust tailing pulp consistency. Many raised blades are welded on turbine inside screen basket , when rotating , the blades will generate negative pressure, which can clean the screen basket and prevent jam of it .

Input pressure is between 0.1MPa~0.4MPa, pressure difference is between 0.01MPa~0.03MPa. While the data is up to the type, quality, consistency, flow speed of paper pulp,  it also has relationship with basket aperture ratio.