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Bangladesh 150T Corrugated Paper Project

This time, Leizhan signed a contract with a Bangladeshi customer for a complete set of 150T/D corrugated pulping line equipment. During the communication process, the two parties actively cooperated, and Leizhan also constantly modified the plan according to the needs of customers. In the end, we reached a cooperation with customers to update production lines for customers and contribute to further market development.

Delivery Equipment Of Project

1. Delivery equipment: chain conveyor, pulper, pressure screen, hydrapurger, light impurities separator, reject separator, rope cutter, ragger, high-consistency cleaner, low consistency cleaner, agitator, grapple, disc thickener, pulp pump, etc.
2. Time: Apr.20. 2022
3. Project: Bangladesh 150T corrugated paper project

Leizhan provides full technical guidance and perfect after-sales service. After the successful installation of the equipment, it has begun to operate stably.