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Hubei Paper Mill Delivery Site

Hubei Changjiang Huifeng Paper will introduce drum pulper and heavy-duty chain conveyor produced by Leizhan to improve its paper making efficiency and paper quality, and further consolidate its leading position in the paper making field.

Details Of Hubei Paper Mill Delivery Site

Drum pulper: This equipment is famous for its efficient pulping capacity and stable operating performance. It can effectively break pulp raw materials into the required fibers, improving pulp quality and production efficiency.
Heavy-duty chain conveyor: As the key equipment of the pulping conveying system, the heavy-duty chain plate machine has the advantages of solid structure and stable operation, and is suitable for pulping production lines of various sizes.

The choice of Changjiang Huifeng Paper is recognition of Leizhan’s technical strength and the quality of paper making machinery and equipment, and is also a new starting point for cooperation between the two parties.