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Pulping Machine Shipped To Qinyang

Leizhan has been committed to providing efficient and advanced paper making equipment to paper industry customers and providing reliable support for their production. In this cooperation with Xinghua Paper, Leizhan provided it with reliable pulping equipment to help it improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

Details Of The Qinyang Paper Mill Delivery Site

Raw material: waste paper
Application: paper pulping line
Ordered machine: chain conveyor, D-type hydrapulper, hydrapurger, drum pulper, ragger, rope cutter, grapple, energy-saving pressure screen, reject separator, mid consistency pressure screen, inflow pressure screen.
Shipped date: Oct 24, 2023
Shipped equipment:chain conveyor, D-type hydrapulper, hydrapurger, as well as sediment well, ragger, and mid consistency pressure screen and supporting accessories.

Leizhan can also support custom-designed pulping lines and provide complete pulping line equipment. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.