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3200mm Kraft Paper Machine


3200mm kraft paper machine is the double fourdrinier multi-cylinder machine for 100tpd kraft paper making. And the kraft paper machine mainly consist of headbox, wire section, press section, dryer section, etc.

100TPD Kraft Paper Making Machine

Paper Type: Kraft Paper

Basic Weight: 80-200GSM

Trimmed Width: 3200mm

Production Capacity: 100tpd

Design Speed: 100-180m/min

Gauge: 4300mm

Drive Form: AC Frequency Sectional Drive

Kraft Paper Machine Section

Headbox: Open type, lip width is 3500mm;

Wire Section: Double fourdrinier, design tension is 6KN/m;

Press Section: Press with two large-roll-diameter, pneumatic pressurizing;

Dryer Section: 22 φ1800 dryer cylinder, 6+8+8 three groups drive;