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50T/D Kraft Paper Making Project


As we all know, paper machine is the most essential in paper making process. As a professional supplier of paper and pulp machine, for 50T/D Kraft Paper Making Project, it’s the 2400mm paper machine for kraft paper making.

50T/D Kraft Paper Machine

Paper type: Kraft paper

Net of paper width: 2400mmm

Productivity Ratio: 160-210g/m2

Rail distance: 3400mm

Working speed: 90m/min

Capacity: 50t/d

Drive pattern: Alternating Converter Sectional Drive

Kraft Paper Making Process

Headbox( homogenate pulp and convey to wire section) — Wire Section( wet paper sheet forming) — Press Section( paper sheet dewatering) — Dryer Section ( paper sheet drying) — Rewinder Section( finished paper rewinding)