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Double Layer Kraft Paper Machine

The Double Layer Kraft Paper Machine is mainly used for the production of linerboard and corrugated base paper. This machine is mainly divided into the following parts: headbox, fourdrinier section, press section, front drying section, inclined surface sizing machine, rear drying section, calendering section, and reeling section. Leizhan can provide paper mills with a complete set of equipment needed to produce kraft paper.

Details of Double Layer Kraft Paper Machine

1. Headbox: two sets of open headboxes.
2. Wire section: two layers of wires, namely the surface wire and the bottom wire.
3. Press section: it is divided into the first press and the second press.
4. Front drying section: Φ1500/Φ1800 drying cylinder, grouped transmission, equipped with guide roller, drying wire, and enclosed air hood.
5. Inclined surface sizing machine: one chrome-plated metal roller and one rubber-coated metal roller. The compression method is corrugated pneumatic tire.
6. Rear drying section: same as the front drying section.
7. Calendering section: double-roll calender, the upper and lower rollers are all metal rollers. The compression method is corrugated pneumatic tire.
8. Reeling section: pneumatic horizontal paper reel. The pressurization method is cylinder pressurization.

In addition to the Double Layer Kraft Paper Machine, Leizhan also provides paper mills with other paper machines and pulping equipment at favorable prices. If you want to know more, please feel free to consult us.