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Efficient 4200mm Kraft Paper Machine

The 4200mm Kraft Paper Machine has a net paper width of 4200mm and can produce 300 tons of kraft paper per day, with high efficiency, high cost and affordable price. In addition to the 4200mm Kraft Paper Machine, Leizhan can also provide paper mills with other equipment for the production of kraft paper. Leizhan’s engineers can design paper machine drawings and solutions according to your needs.

Efficient 4200mm Kraft Paper Machine Specifications

Paper type: cardboard paper
Net of paper width: 4200mm
Base weight: 180-400g/m²
Production capacity: 300t/d
Working speed: 300-400m/min
Design speed: 420m/min
Driving type: Sectional variable frequency drive

If you are interested in buying a 4200mm Kraft Paper Machine or other paper machines and pulping equipment, you are welcome to consult us.