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High Efficiency Vibrating Screen

The Vibrating Screen is developed with reference to foreign equipment, and is mainly used for the screening of coarse pulp in the pulp and paper industry. The Vibrating Screen produced by Leizhan has reasonable design and strong screening capacity, so it is one of the ideal screening equipment for many paper mills.

Features of Vibrating Screen

1. The eccentric vibrator of the Vibrating Screen is assembled in the sleeve, which is anti-corrosion and safe;
2. Vibrating Screen has a large screening area and strong screening capacity;
3. The air-sealed chamber of the Vibrating Screen adopts a special design, which makes the screen plate strong in self-cleaning ability;
4. Vibrating Screen has low power consumption, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Because Leizhan always adheres to the tenet of providing high-quality and high-efficiency equipment for paper mills, Leizhan’s paper machines and pulping equipment are very popular at home and abroad. Leizhan has arranged professional personnel, ready to serve you at any time.