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Pulp Dilution In Paper Pulping Process


Generally the pulp concentration in pulp chest pool is 2.5%-3.5%. The pulp high concentration is not allow the fibers to be uniformly dispersed, and it is difficult to remove the impurities. Therefore, it is necessary to dilute with water to make pulp form well dispersion in a low concentration, while conducive to cleaning and screening.

Pulp dilution generally use wire section white water, not only can save water, also can recover small fibers, fillers and drugs in white water. For the paper machine of pulp heating, white water also can save energy.

Pulp Concentration Factors After Pulp Dilution

1. The change of pulp concentration into the adjusting box. The concentration fluctuations of the pulp beating mixing; The changes of broken paper operating conditions, make the broken paper pulp concentration fluctuations; Pulp chest pool cycle is poor, the pulp concentration in pulp chest pool is different, resulting in pulp concentration fluctuations.

2. The slag pulp during the screening process, after treatment, back to the system with dilution white water. The amount of slag pulp and pulp concentration after treatments will change with the operation of the screening equipment and the fluctuation of the slag pulp pump inlet level, thereby affecting diluted white water concentration changes and ultimately affecting the dilution pulp concentration.