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Yangjia Paper Cooperates With Leizhan Pulping Project

Leizhan and Yangjia Paper once again joined hands to set off a wave of cooperation in the pulping industry. They jointly opened a new complete pulping line with an annual output of 120,000 tons of fireworks paper, injecting new impetus and vitality into the development of Yangjia Paper.

Yangjia Paper Pulp Project Equipment Details

High-efficiency hydrapulper: This equipment is used for pulping waste paper & wet strength paper. It is mainly used to crush pulp board, wastepaper, deinking, and pulp purification.
Energy-saving coarse screen system: Mainly used for waste paper pulping to remove larger light impurities in waste paper pulp.
XZNS fine screen system: Screen the pulp at a higher concentration, effectively reducing the amount of water circulation and system energy consumption in the production process.
NLS low pulse inflow pressure screen: Mainly used for fine screening of chemical pulp and waste paper pulp, low pulse, high screening efficiency, reliable operation.
ZNP disc thickener: Mainly used for washing and concentrating low-consistency pulp. Large filtration area and high production efficiency.

As a leader in the industry, Yangjia Paper once again chose to cooperate with Leizhan, fully demonstrating its trust in Leizhan’s technical strength and professional services. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.