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200,000 Tons Of White Board Paper Project

Anhui Guzhen Samsung Paper launched a whiteboard paper project with an annual output of 200,000 tons. Under the fierce competition in the domestic market, Leizhan successfully signed a complete set of pulping equipment with its own strength and brand influence. Thanks for the support of Sunsing paper mill, hope Sunsing company is getting better and better.

200,000 Tons Of White Board Paper Project Details

Delivery site: Anhui
Delivery time: April 21, 2021
Paper project: 300,000 Tons Of Packaging Paper Making Project
ordered equipment: High density cleaner, mid consistency pressure screen, inflow pressure screen, reject separator, double disc refiner, mid consistency hydrapulper.
Delivered equipment: Mid consistency pressure screen, refiner, reject separator, high density cleaner, mid consistency hydrapulper barrels and a batch of supporting accessories.

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