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Delivery Site Of Pulping Machine For Hebei

Hebei Jinbaoshi Paper chose Leizhan as its pulping equipment partner, which not only demonstrates Jinbaoshi Paper’s recognition of Leizhan’s product technology and service quality, but also heralds the close cooperation between the two parties in the field of paper making machinery in the future.

Information Of Delivery Site Of Pulping Machine For Hebei

Chain conveyor: Chain conveyors are mainly used in the paper making industry to transport various bulk or bundled materials, and can be used for horizontal transportation or transportation with an inclination of less than 25°. It is mostly used for feeding waste paper and pulp boards to the pulper.

Agitator: The Agitator plays a role in pushing and stirring the pulp during the pulping process. Leizhan’s agitator design is advanced and can ensure the uniformity and stability of the pulp, meeting Jinbaoshi Paper’s pulp quality requirements.

Leizhan is committed to providing customers with the most advanced paper making and pulping technology and the highest quality services, and working with you to create the future of the pulping and paper making industry.