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400TPD Corrugated, T-Paper Making Project, Henan, China

In November, 2017, Leizhan successfully deliver the 3250mm drum pulper equipment for 400tpd corrugated, t-paper making project, Henan, China. Leizhan will supply the complete paper pulping equipment for Henan paper industry, other equipment will be following delivered.

Paper Pulping System

Chain Conveying System: Chain Conveyor

Paper Pulping System: Drum Pulper

Cleaning System: High Density Cleaner

Screening System: Middle Pressure Screen

Drum Pulper Equipment

Drum pulper is mainly for large capacity paper pulping, high efficiency of deslagging, reduce following equipment burden, low energy consumption, few wear part, low maintenance cost.

Customer Information

Customer: Xinxiang, Henan

Time: November, 2017

Project: 400TPD Corrugated, T-Paper Making Project