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Drum Pulper For Guangdong 250,000T/Y Paper Making Project

Guangdong paper mill order Leizhan complete paper pulping equipment for 250,000t/y paper making project. Recently, The 2750 drum pulper screening part and 3750 drum pulper shield are delivered by Leizhan to Guangdong, China.

Drum Pulper Parts

Pre-soaking part: The raw material is firstly conveyed to drum pulper pre-soaking part for intensive mixing with water.

Pulping part: After soaking, the drum pulper is constantly rotating, and the raw material is lifting and falling down, finally the raw material is into single fiber.

Screening part: The spray water pipe in drum pulper screening part is for washing pulp, and the fine pulp go through screen hole and into pulp chest, the impurity will be continuous sprayed, finally discharged out.

Customer Information

Customer: Guangdong Paper Mill

Time: September, 2017

Project:Drum Pulper For 250,000T/Y Paper Making Project