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New Pulping Equipment Shipped To Xinjiang Paper Mill

Xinjiang is our important domestic market. We have cooperated many times and the cooperation between the two parties is very pleasant. This time Xinjiang customers purchased our equipment such as cleaner, pulper and screening paper machine.

Major Information Pulping Projects In Xinjiang

Ordered equipment: Chain Conveyor, Drum Pulper, Pressure Screen, Inflow Pressure Screen and Cleaner
Delivery equipment: Chain Conveyor, Drum Pulper and supporting accessories
Delivery data: September, 09, 2023
Delivery Location: Xinjiang Paper Mill
Customers in Xinjiang are very satisfied with the paper making and pulping equipment we provide. We are very grateful to our customers in Xinjiang for their support. If you are interested in our pulp equipment or paper machine, please contact us via email for more information.
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