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Pulp Equipment For 150,000Ton Corrugated Paper Making, Shanxi, China


In October, 2017, for 150,000Ton Corrugated Paper Making, Shanxi, China, the paper pulping equipment D-type hydrapulper(40m3), high density cleaner are delivered by Leizhan. Leizhan as a professional manufacturer, provide the complete paper pulping equipment for Shanxi paper industry.

D-Type Hydrapulper& High Density Cleaner

D-Type Hydrapulper: Mainly for paper pulping. New type energy saving VOKES rotor strengthens hydraulic circulation and fiber relief, high efficiency, good pulping effect.

High Density Cleaner: Mainly for removing various heavy impurities in the pulp. High quality material, wear-resistence, long service life.

With high quality but low cost equipment, many paper industry order Leizhan complete paper pulping equipment. For example, Guangdong paper industry for 250,000tpy whiteboard paper making, also purchase Leizhan complete paper pulping equipment, and the equipment is constantly delivered.

Customer Information

Customer: Shanxi Paper Mill

Time: October, 2017

Project: 150,000Ton Corrugated Paper Making