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Pulping Equipment For Vietnam Paper Mill

Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery CO., LTD. has good reputation in Vietnam market. The Fada paper mill of Vietnam is an old customer of Leizhan. This time they want to build a new corrugated paper making production line, and capacity is 350 tons in 22 hours. They decided to cooperate with Leizhan again.

Pulping Equipment For Vietnam Paper Mill Detail

Delivery site: Vietnam
Delivery date: Aug 12, 2020
Paper project: 350T/22H carton paper corrugated paper plant
Ordered equipment: pulping equipment including: Chain Conveyor, D Type Hydrapulper, Drum Screen, Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, High Density Cleaner, Reject Separator, etc.
Delivered equipment: Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Refiner and a batch of supporting accessories.

If you have difficulty in buliding a paper mill, Leizhan can design the whole paper production line and supply all the equipment for you. Please contact us if you need.
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