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Inflow Pressure Screen For Pulp Project

Inflow pressure screen is mainly composed of casing, rotor, sieve drum, transmission device and lifting device, etc. During its installation, this equipment is belong to rotary machine and its vertical dynamic load factor of concrete foundation is 1.5, and the calibration level should be within 0.1mm/M when installing equipment.

Pipeline Configuration Essentials

1.The pipe diameter of inlet and outlet pulp pipe meet the design requirement. Match the diameter of each pipe on the equipment, and can’t reduce pipe diameter. Otherwise, it will cause the low capacity of machine.
2.The pipeline connected to pressure screen should be matched with elbow to make it higher than the upper cover of sieve drum to ensure that the sieve body is filled with pulp during the screening process.
3. The inlet and outlet ports should be installed with valves to control the pressure difference between flow rate and discharge port to ensure the normal operation of pressure screen.
4. The tail pipe outlet should be connected to a tee pipe. One side is connected to the tail pipe through valve. The height should be higher than screen body. The other side is connected to the trench through another valve.

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