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Self-cleaning High Quality Vibrating Screen

Leizhan produces vibrating frame screens, and screen baskets are divided into hole screens and slot screens. The pulp concentration of hole sieve is 1.0-1.5%, and that of slot sieve is 0.5-0.8%. According to different raw materials, production scale, pulp concentration and other gaps, we will provide you with specific solutions.

Self-cleaning High Quality Vibrating Screen

We manufacture the following screening equipment to offer our customers the best prices:

1.Arc Screen
3.Drum Screen For Coarse Screening
4.New Mid-Consistency Pressure Screen
5.Energy-Saving Pressure Screen
6.Tailing Pulp Pressure Screen Of Coarse Screen
7.Light Impurity Separator
8.Inflow Pressure Screen
9.Mid Consistency Pressure Screen
10.Auto-cleaning Vibrating Screen

If you are interested, please feel free to email us for equipment parameters and quotations.