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LZ Series Heavy Impurity Cleaner

Heavy Impurity Cleaner can effectively remove heavy impurities. Leizhan also manufacture other cleaning equipments, such as different series of high density cleaner and low density cleaner. Each type of cleaner has its own function, our professional technicians can provide the most suitable cleaning equipment according to your needs.

Heavy Impurity Cleaner Main Specification

Type Parameter
Passing Capacity of Single Equipment(L/min) 450
Max Operating Temperature(℃) 70
Max Operating Pressure(Mpa) 0.4
Inlet Consistency(%) ≤2%
Washing Water Flow(L/min) 20-60

Cleaning equipment plays an important role in the pulping process. Choose our Heavy Impurity Cleaner and I believe you will be satisfied. Leizhan provides all pulping equipment. If you are interested, please concact us.