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Double Layer Wire Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine In Paper Mill


The 2500/300 layer wire multi-cylinder paper machine is mainly used to make 100-250g/m² testliner board paper and corrugated paper. This machine consists of stack forming part, pressing part, drying part, reeling machine, calender, foundation part, and paper machine auxiliary system.

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High Efficiency Corrugated Paper Making Production Line


The corrugated paper production line is a comprehensive system, including two key parts: pulping production line and paper production line. Our pulping equipment and paper machines adopt advanced processes and technologies to efficiently convert waste paper into high-quality pulp and produce high-quality corrugated paper.

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Paper Mill A4 Paper Production Line


A4 paper is the most commonly used paper specification in life. A4 paper is the first choice for printing documents, copying materials, and writing draft letters. The wider the use, the more important the quality of A4 paper is. Our A4 paper production line uses virgin pulp, recycled paper, and deinked pulp to efficiently produce high-quality A4 paper.

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Waste Paper Pulp High Speed Stock Washer


High speed stock washer is specially used for washing and concentration in waste paper treatment system. Leizhan’s high speed stock washer has achieved an excellent level in terms of working principle, main structure and outstanding advantages.

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100T/D Deinking Pulp Making Line


One of Leizhan’s customers purchased our 100T/D deinking pulp making line. We provided him with a complete line of pulping equipment and designed and installed drawings for them according to their requirements. Our flotation deinking, disperser and high consistency bleaching processes ensure the quality of the pulp, allowing them to produce high quality recycled writing and newsprint.

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Waste Paper Recycling Treatment Reject Separator


The reject separator is an ideal equipment for tail pulp treatment in waste paper pulping systems. It adopts closed operation, no pulp water splashing, good processing effect, can effectively remove light impurities and plastic pieces, and improve fiber recovery rate.

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Coarse screening equipment Light Impurity Separator


As a leading company in the paper making machinery industry, Leizhan has been constantly innovating to provide customers with more advanced and efficient pulping equipment. Our light impurity separator is an advanced coarse screening treatment equipment with functions such as gathering light impurities, loosening pulp, and collecting and removing heavy impurities in the pulp.

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Waste Paper Recycling 200 Tons Corrugated Paper Pulping Line


The 200 tons corrugated paper pulping line is a high-quality pulping line developed by Leizhan, which is specially used to produce high-quality corrugated paper. Simple and effective design and low investment costs make the production process more efficient, making it ideal for corrugated production.

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