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Coating Board Paper Making Line

Hydrapurger Impurity-removing System


We provide various models of Hydrapurger, customized products for customers. And provide the equipment needed for pulp production line for multiple paper mills.

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Paper Mill Hydropulper


We manufacture a variety of hydropulpers, including: high consistency hydropulpers, low consistency D-type hydropulpers, vertical hydropulpers, and medium consistency hydropulpers. How does agitation or circulation rate affect hydropulper operation?

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Pulp Coarse Screen Drum Screen


We provide pulp coarse screen drum screen for paper mills, which are simple in structure, reliable in operation and convenient in maintenance. Below are the device parameters we can provide.

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Paper Making Low Density Cleaner


There are also impurities such as fine sand, lime powder, foam, oil wax and rubber in the coarsely screened pulp. Low-consistency cleaners are used to remove small impurities. Improve the quality of finished paper.

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Paper Bundle Bale Breaker


The bale breaker machine is used in the paper recycling production line to preliminarily screen out the impurities in the raw materials and reduce the wear and tear of the subsequent equipment.

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Paper Mill Pulp Screening Equipment


In most pulp and paper processes, the purpose of stock screening is to remove the coarse flakes and other unwanted parts contained in the stock. We can customize a variety of pulp screening equipment according to customer needs.

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Refiner For Defibrillating Fibers


The main function of the refiner is to break the material into single fibers to improve the evenness and bonding force of the paper. Our company offers five models of refiners for customers to choose from.

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Drum Pulper For Pulp Production Line


The drum pulper is suitable for high-volume pulp production lines. Many large paper mill customers produce kraft paper, corrugated paper, coated paper and other paper types, and they will choose to use the drum pulper.

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