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Coating Board Paper Making Line

Vibrating Screen With High Efficiency


Leizhan’s vibrating screen adopts advanced technology and is suitable for the pulp and paper industry. It can efficiently remove various light impurities in the pulp suspension. Learn about our vibrating screens to improve your paper pulping efficiency and quality levels.

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Press Roll Of Paper Production Line


The press roll exerts a certain amount of pressure on the wet surface of the pulp to squeeze out the water from the pulp and arrange the fibers more closely, thereby forming the preliminary shape of the paper.

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Coating Board Paper Machine


Our coating board paper machines are equipped with sophisticated control systems that can accurately adjust coating thickness and paper quality to ensure the production of board products of excellent quality. We also provide coating board paper machines in various specifications and configurations to meet the needs of different customers.

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Paper Making Spare Parts Doctor Blade


The doctor blade is mainly used to scrape off dirt and residue on the surface of paper making machinery to ensure the quality and smoothness of the paper. Leizhan specializes in providing high-quality doctor blade to provide critical scraping and cleaning functions for paper machines.

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Sizing Machine For Paper Making Project


In paper production, sizing is a crucial link. Leizhan’s high-quality sizing machine can help paper mills achieve a fast and stable sizing process and improve paper quality and paper production efficiency.

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Felt In Paper Mill


Improving production efficiency and paper quality is the goal pursued by every paper mill. The felt produced by Leizhan has excellent wear resistance, can effectively improve the smoothness and strength of the paper surface, and can provide reliable solutions for paper mills.

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Calender For Paper Mill


Calender plays a vital role in modern high-speed paper production. In order to meet the needs of the paper making market, Leizhan leads the paper making technology and is committed to providing excellent paper calendering solutions.

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Coating Board Paper Pulping Line


Leizhan is committed to providing customers with the most advanced technology and the highest quality services. Our coating board paper pulping line can not only improve paper production efficiency, but also ensure the production of high-quality coating board paper.

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