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Culture Paper Making Line

High Grade Culture Paper Machine For Paper Mill


Cultural paper is also called writing paper and copy paper. It is widely used in daily life. Our company can provide a complete production line of cultural paper.

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350T/24H Artboard Pulp Project


We can provide all the equipment needed for pulp preparation and papermaking line of art board in paper mill.

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Paper Mill Calender Improves Paper Gloss


The calender in the paper mill improves the glossiness of the paper surface, and the glazing layer of the paper after calendering gradually cools down to form a bright surface layer. Welcome to consult us on how to choose a paper mill calender.

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Paper Mill Pulp Flotation Deinking Equipment


Waste paper recycling includes old magazines, old newspapers, old books, etc. with ink and stickies. In this case, a flotation deinking machine is required to achieve the effect of improving the pulp quality.

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Multi-disc Filter Deinking System Equipment


The deinking link of cultural paper production needs to use many kinds. Today we mainly introduce the multi-disc filter.

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Screw Press For Thickening And Washing Pulp


The screw press is a pulp thickening and washing equipment produced by Leizhan. The picture shows the site where the screw press is used on the customer’s 180t cultural paper deinking production line.

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New Type Middle Consistency Pressure Screen Manufacturer


The new medium-consistency screen produced and developed by Leizhan has been installed and put into production in many paper mills. In terms of fiber loss, there is a great improvement in the wear of accessories.

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Waste Paper Deinking High Consistency Hydrapulper


The separation of waste paper and ink under medium and high consistency needs to be completed by high consistency hydrapulper, effective chemical mixing and friction between fibers under high consistency, so that ink particles can be fully separated from the fiber surface.

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