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Culture Paper Making Line

Pulping Machine Low Density Cleaner


Leizhan is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge waste paper pulping equipment. The low density cleaner offers paper mills a cost-effective solution to enhance their recycling efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

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Cultural Paper Production Line


Leizhan prioritizes sustainability in every aspect of its paper machinery design. The cultural paper production line incorporates eco-friendly practices such as water recycling, energy-efficient processes, and waste reduction measures, aligning with the principles of environmentally responsible paper production.

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20t/d Cultural Paper Machine


With precision engineering and expert craftsmanship, Leizhan’s cultural paper machine is capable of producing cultural paper with smooth texture, optimal thickness, and excellent printability, meeting the stringent requirements of the printing industry.

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Agitator For Paper Mill


Leizhan is committed to providing advanced technology and high-quality equipment to the global pulping industry. As an important part of its product line, the pulp chest agitator will help customers improve paper making and pulping production efficiency and achieve sustainable development.

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High Quality Calender for Paper Mill


Calender is one of the most important equipment in paper making equipment. It has the advantages of improving paper surface quality, increasing gloss, and improving production efficiency. It is an indispensable equipment in the paper making production process.

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Paper Pulping Machine Vibrating Screen


Leizhan’s pulping equipment vibrating screen has become the first choice in the paper making industry with its excellent performance and high production efficiency. Learn how to improve productivity and paper quality with vibrating screens.

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Reject Separator in Pulping Project


Leizhan’s pulping equipment reject separator adopts advanced technology, which can efficiently separate impurities and slag in pulp, improve production efficiency, improve pulp quality, and provide reliable support for your paper making production.

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High-Performance Press Roll


Optimizing paper production starts with the right equipment. Improve your paper making process with Leizhan’s high-quality press rolls. Experience enhanced dewatering, improved paper making efficiency and reliable performance.

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