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1880mm Cultural Paper Production Machine


Shandong is an important partner of Leizhan. Shandong added new papermaking equipment and chose Leizhan again. Chain conveyors are mainly used to transport waste paper or pulp boards to bale breaker or pulper.

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High Density Cleaner for Wood Pulp


We produce two types of high density cleaners, including waste paper pulp cleaners and high density cleaners for wood pulp.

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Paper Mill Material Transport Machine Chain Conveyor


Do you know the main role of the chain plate machine in the paper mill? Under what circumstances is the chain plate machine suitable? What are the advantages of the chain plate machine?

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180t Culture Copy Writing Paper Deinking Equipment


To produce cultural paper, A4 paper and copy paper with waste white shavings, old magazines, old newspapers and other raw materials, the most important thing is the problem of pulp deinking. We provide a complete set of deinking equipment and installation guidance.

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Heat Dispersion System for Waste Paper Pulping


We provide thermal dispersion system equipment required for paper pulping. After pulp is thermally dispersed, it is easier to mix with bleaching agent, which improves the processing conditions of fiber raw materials and improves the quality of pulp.

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Paper Sheet Transfer In Paper Making Process


Paper sheet transfer is inevitable in paper making process. Certainly, the wet paper sheet transfer closely concerns the finished paper quality. There are some notes about paper sheet transfer.

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Advantages of Chain Conveyor Material Handling Equipment


Leizhan to manufacture Chain conveyor for handling waste paper, paper board and transport to Pulper equipment for pulp processing. Chain conveyor producer for supplying high strength Chain conveyor .

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Centri-cleaning System in Paper Making Plant


Centri-cleaning system is used in paper making plant for removing heavy impurities in paper pulp. Low density heavy impurity cleaning and low density light impurity cleaning.

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