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High-Quality Pulp Production With Drum Pulper


Recognizing that each paper manufacturer has unique requirements, Leizhan offers customizable options for drum pulpers. This flexibility ensures that each drum pulper installation is optimized for maximum performance and pulping efficiency.

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Coating Board Paper Making Machine


Leizhan provides cutting-edge paper making solutions for the printing industry. The coating board paper machine, with its excellent printing quality and high-speed production capacity, increases output and helps you seize the opportunity in the coating board paper market.

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Advanced A4 Printing Paper Making Line


Leizhan can provide customized A4 paper production line solutions to meet A4 paper manufacturers of different sizes and needs. Our A4 paper production line uses advanced technology to ensure efficient production and excellent paper quality.

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1880mm Cultural Paper Production Machine


Shandong is an important partner of Leizhan. Shandong added new papermaking equipment and chose Leizhan again. Chain conveyors are mainly used to transport waste paper or pulp boards to bale breaker or pulper.

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High Density Cleaner for Wood Pulp


We produce two types of high density cleaners, including waste paper pulp cleaners and high density cleaners for wood pulp.

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Paper Mill Material Transport Machine Chain Conveyor


Do you know the main role of the chain plate machine in the paper mill? Under what circumstances is the chain plate machine suitable? What are the advantages of the chain plate machine?

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180t Culture Copy Writing Paper Deinking Equipment


To produce cultural paper, A4 paper and copy paper with waste white shavings, old magazines, old newspapers and other raw materials, the most important thing is the problem of pulp deinking. We provide a complete set of deinking equipment and installation guidance.

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Heat Dispersion System for Waste Paper Pulping


We provide thermal dispersion system equipment required for paper pulping. After pulp is thermally dispersed, it is easier to mix with bleaching agent, which improves the processing conditions of fiber raw materials and improves the quality of pulp.

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