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Tissue Paper Making Line

Softwood Pulp Hardwood Pulping Equipment


Leizhan is a professional pulping equipment manufacturer. According to the customer’s papermaking needs, the coniferous wood and hardwood raw materials for papermaking need to be processed in a process of pulping-refining/fiber dissolving-cleaning-approaching flow.

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Advance And Retreat Knife Device Double Disc Refiner


For toilet paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper and other papermaking production lines, double-disc refiners can be selected where beating is required to improve the beating degree of pulp.

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Equipment For Bleaching Pulp


Paper mills often require equipment for bleached pulp. We provide the machines and technical guidance required for pulping and bleaching, and help customers complete the pulp production line.

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Inflow Pressure Screen For Pulp Project


The inflow pressure screen is used for producing fine pulp of pulping and paper making system, and also applied to pre-screening of paper machine.

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Ghana 10TPD Tissue Paper Making Project


Recently, Ghana paper mill order Leizhan complete paper pulping equipment and paper machine for 10tpd tissue paper making project.

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20TPD Tissue Paper Making Project


20TPD tissue paper making project use the wood pulp as material to pulping and make tissue paper, the paper pulping is the especially vital processing.

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2880mm 5TPD Toilet Paper Making Line


5TPD Toilet Paper Making line is relative small paper production, the toilet paper pulping and paper making process is designed by the suitable needs.

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Refiner Plate for Pulp Processing Plant South Africa


Leizhan high quality Refiner plate will benefits your pulp making process with longer plate life. We deliver Refiner plate for South Africa customer’s Double disc refiner.

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