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HXS Series Arc Screen

Application and features:
1. Fiber recovery: the treatment of white water in various pulping and paper making processes to recover fibers.
2. Thickening of accept pulp and tailings pulp in the screening and cleaning system;
3. White water purification: (1) white water purification of paper machine is used for spray water;
(2) Purification and reuse of press water of paper machine.
4. Fiber fractionating: (1)Fractionating of long and short fibers.
(2) Separation of large fiber bundles.
5. Separation of fiber and filler: (1)Washing the deinking pulp,
(2) Washing the coated broken pulp.
6. Sewage treatment: remove solid suspended solids.

Main Specification

Model: HXS1 HXS2 HXS3
Inlet pulp pressure: Mpa 1.26 2.52 3.78
Area: ㎡ 0.15-0.25
Inlet pulp concentration (%) ≤2.5
Throughput (thicken pulp): m³/h 72-108 144-216 216-324
Throughput (white water recovery): m³/h 108-180 216-360 324-540
Screen slot (thicken pulp): mm 0.15-0.3
Screen slot (white water recovery): mm 0.05-0.2