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Kraft Paper Making Line

Curved Screen VS Inclined Screen


The curved screen is a solid-liquid separation equipment, which plays an important role in the pulp processing process. The predecessor of the curved screen is the inclined screen. We manufacture complete line machines for papermaking and pulping.

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Curved Screen Solid-liquid Separation Equipment


The curved screen is an economical and practical solid-liquid separation equipment for paper mills and is suitable for a variety of applications.

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Light And Heavy Impurity Cleaner


A complete set of slurry screening equipment, impurity remover can be used for the screening of light impurities and heavy impurities. Customized according to customer needs, providing pulp screening equipment and screening systems at the best price.

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D-type Hydrapulpers


D-type hydraulic pulper is the most widely used pulper with a capacity of 30-1200t/d. The S-type rotor inside…

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Paper Mill Pulp Pump


Paper mill pulp pumps are used to transport pulp. We provide machines that contact pulp with stainless steel. Many customers give high praise to our pulp pumps. Different models are available according to customer needs.

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OCC And Pulp Board Chain Conveyor Belt


Waste paper and pulp board are the most common raw materials in paper mills. Using a chain plate machine can save manpower to the greatest extent and transport the raw materials to subsequent equipment, such as pulper or bulk baler.

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Best Price Low Density Cleaner


The low density cleaner is mainly used in the process of removing fine impurities in waste paper pulp. We offer five models for customers to choose from to meet the capacity needs of large, medium and small paper mills.

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Paper Pulp Pressure Screen


The paper pulp pressure screen can be used in the pulping line of toilet paper, kraft paper and cultural paper. According to different screen basket, it can be used in different positions such as coarse screen and fine screen.

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