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Kraft Paper Making Line

Three Layer Wire Multi Cylinder Kraft Paper Machine


The three layer wire multi cylinder kraft paper machine from Leizhan represents a leap forward in kraft paper production technology. By integrating multiple cylinders and layers into the papermaking process, this machine offers unparalleled control and customization options, allowing manufacturers to produce high-quality kraft paper tailored to their exact specifications.

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Testliner Paper Machine


Leizhan provides customers with efficient testliner paper machines to help improve production efficiency and optimize paper quality. Our testliner paper machines are flexible in design and can be customized according to customer needs to meet production of different specifications and requirements.

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Double Disc Refiner of Paper Mill


Leizhan’s double disc refiner can effectively break down fibers and remove impurities, thus producing high-quality pulp with optimal strength and consistency. Double disc refiners are used by paper mills and recycling facilities around the world to greatly improve the efficiency and sustainability of the paper recycling process.

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Waste Paper Pulping Machine Vibrating Screen


The vibrating screen plays a pivotal role in the waste paper pulping process, separating impurities and ensuring the quality of the pulp. It efficiently removes contaminants like plastics, staples, and other debris, enhancing the purity of the final product.

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High Density Cleaner of Paper Mill


With its efficient cleaning capabilities, the high density cleaner optimizes the pulping process, reducing the need for manual intervention and streamlining production workflows for higher throughput and productivity.

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Vibrating Screen Produced By Leizhan


As a pioneer in the paper machinery manufacturing industry, Leizhan understands the diverse needs of paper mills, and our pulping equipment vibrating screens offer customizable options, allowing customers to customize the equipment according to their specific requirements.

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D-type Hydrapulper for Paper Pulping


As a professional paper making equipment manufacturer, Leizhan leads the technological innovation in the paper making industry. Our D-type hydrapulper has advanced technology and excellent performance, which can greatly improve paper making production efficiency and paper quality.

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Disc Thickener for Pulping


Disc Thickener is a crucial piece of equipment in the pulping and paper industry, used for washing and thickening low-consistency pulp such as mechanical pulp, waste paper pulp, reed pulp, bamboo pulp, waste paper pulp, and straw pulp.

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