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Kraft Paper Making Line

3200/280 Three Layer Wire Multi-cylinder Kraft Paper Machine


The 3200/280 three layer wire multi-cylinder kraft paper machine has excellent production capacity. Its intelligent control system ensures the automation and high stability of the production process, reduces labor costs and paper making cycles, and improves paper making efficiency.

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The Use Site Of Pulping Equipment In Jiangxi


As a supplier of pulping equipment, Leizhan provides equipment with very advanced technology, high quality and long service life, which is deeply loved by customers. The following is the usage of pulping equipment in Jiangxi Paper Mill.

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200T Kraft Paper Machine In Use At Russian Paper Mill


In the kraft paper production line of a Russian paper mill, the raw materials of the kraft paper machine generally choose waste paper, waste magazines, etc. Leizhan can provide a complete paper machine production line. The following is a detailed introduction to the kraft paper machine.

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Control Cabinet In Paper Machine Production Line In Hengfeng


In Hengfeng Paper Mill, the control cabinet is mainly to ensure the smooth operation of the paper machine equipment, and plays a very important role in the paper machine factory.

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Double Disc Refiner Paper Machine Production Line in Jingzhou


The double disc refiner is mainly applied for beating, and the beating effect is good. It is an ideal beating equipment at present. Below are the details of the double disc refiner.

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The Use Site Of The Disc Thickener Is In Henan


Disc thickener is a continuous rotary thickening equipment, which is mainly applied for the dehydration and concentration of pulp materials such as mechanical wood pulp, waste pulp, reed pulp, bamboo pulp, sugarcane waste pulp and grass pulp etc with low freeness (high beating degree), short fiber or high pulp consistency.

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The Use Site Of Double Disc Refiner In Sichuan


The double disc refiner is mainly pulp beating equipment, which has a good beating effect and improves the degree of debonding of pulp. It is an ideal beating equipment at present.

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Pulping Equipment Use Site In Henan Paper Mill


The pulping equipment of the paper mill in Henan is provided by Leizhan Machinery, which has rich experience and can provide a complete pulping production line.

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