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Kraft Paper Making Line

Paper Machine Broken Paper Processing Equipment


During the papermaking process, there will always be breaks in certain parts. The broken paper is added to the broken paper pulper for pulping in time, and it can be reused for fiber recycling.

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Paper Machine Dryer Doctor Blade


The paper machine dryer doctor blade is a wearing part and needs to be replaced every few months. Details of the paper machine and dryer, doctor blade, felt and other accessories can be consulted by email.

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Bobbin Paper Production Equipment And Turnkey Projects


The production of bobbin paper is an industry that Leizhan is good at, and the equipment provided can meet the production demand of 50-500t/d. We have rich experience in cooperating bobbin paper production projects for the Middle East, South America, Africa, Asia and other places.

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Waste Paper Pulp Impurity Separation And Reject Discharge Separator


What kind of paper production line can the reject separator be used for? Where is the reject separator used? Contact us for detailed communication details and installation and other information.

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Waste Paper Pulp Production Line Grapple


How many kinds of grapple buckets are there for grapplebing impurities in paper mills? What is the working principle? Where is it used? Contact our professionals to communicate directly about more details and guidance on pulping equipment.

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30T Of Testliner Board Kraft Paper Pulping Process


This article introduces the pulp production process of 30t/d kraft paper and containerboard paper mill, mainly including the required equipment and main process.

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Zhejiang Huatian 300000T/A Whiteboard Production Project Operation Site


Leizhan provided the Zhejiang Huatian with the pulp making line of 300000T/A whiteboard production project, which has been put into production, the pulp quality is good, and the customer is very satisfied.

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Leizhan Signed 500,000TPY Packing Paper Making Project, Kunming, China


On December 4, 2017, Leizhan successfully signed 500,000TPY(1600TPD) Packing Paper Making Project contract with Kunming Hongxi Ronghe Paper Industry.

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