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Project Case

Stock Deinking Heat Dispersion System


What is the main function of the heat dispersion system? When does a paper mill need a heat dispersion system? What impurities in pulp can be removed by heat dispersion system?

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Paper Machine Broken Paper Processing Equipment


During the papermaking process, there will always be breaks in certain parts. The broken paper is added to the broken paper pulper for pulping in time, and it can be reused for fiber recycling.

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Pulp Tank Mixer Agitator Propellor


For each pulping process, it is necessary to equip the pulp chest with a suitable pulp chest agitator. Our latest pulp tank agitator, the helical blade is made of stainless steel 304, and there are as many as eleven types of production models.

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Paper Machine Dryer Doctor Blade


The paper machine dryer doctor blade is a wearing part and needs to be replaced every few months. Details of the paper machine and dryer, doctor blade, felt and other accessories can be consulted by email.

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Softwood Pulp Hardwood Pulping Equipment


Leizhan is a professional pulping equipment manufacturer. According to the customer’s papermaking needs, the coniferous wood and hardwood raw materials for papermaking need to be processed in a process of pulping-refining/fiber dissolving-cleaning-approaching flow.

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Advance And Retreat Knife Device Double Disc Refiner


For toilet paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper and other papermaking production lines, double-disc refiners can be selected where beating is required to improve the beating degree of pulp.

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Equipment For Bleaching Pulp


Paper mills often require equipment for bleached pulp. We provide the machines and technical guidance required for pulping and bleaching, and help customers complete the pulp production line.

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The Advantages Of New Middle Consistency Pressure Screen


We produce accessories such as new middle concentration screens and screen basket. We supply paper mills with turnkey projects and individual paper machines.

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