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Corrugated Paper Making Line

Top Quality Middle Consistency Hydrapulper


The middle consistency hydrapulper is designed to efficiently and effectively break down waste paper into pulp for paper production. It is equipped with a rotor that rotates at high speed to create turbulence and shear forces that agitate the paper fibers, breaking them down into a slurry.

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OCC Paper Pulping Line


In today’s highly competitive paper industry, efficiency and productivity are key factors for success. Leizhan is a leading provider of innovative paper machinery solutions, including the OCC paper pulping line.

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Paper Making Pulp Pump


Leizhan’s pulp pumps enjoy a high reputation in the paper making industry and are known for their efficient and stable performance and excellent quality. This pulp pump can not only help paper mills improve production efficiency, but also reduce energy consumption and production costs.

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Paper Mill Pulp Chest Agitator


Leizhan is committed to providing you with efficient paper production solutions. Our agitator can easily achieve uniform distribution of pulp suspension and promote full reaction of the liquid. External bearings make maintenance easy, and wear-resistant chrome-plated bushings ensure service life.

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Corrugated Cardboard Paper Making Production Machine


Leizhan has strong technical research and development capabilities. Our paper making machinery adopts advanced technology and processes, has high paper production efficiency and excellent product quality, and can provide customers with more professional solutions.

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Pulping Machine Middle-consistency Pressure Screen


Leizhan leads the pulping equipment industry. Our middle-consistency pressure screen technology can be widely used in screening various pulps such as waste paper pulp and wood pulp to improve pulping production efficiency and save energy.

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120TPD Corrugated Board Paper Machine


Leizhan is an enterprise focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of high-efficiency corrugated board paper machines. Our corrugated board paper machines combine advanced technology to provide the packaging industry with reliable solutions and improve production efficiency.

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Reject Separator In Pulping Production


Learn about Leizhan’s reject separator. Its stable feed dilution system, powerful slurry decomposition capability and efficient impurity separation technology can help you improve paper production efficiency and fiber recovery rate.

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