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Corrugated Paper Making Line

Fiber Separators Manufacturer


The single-effect fiber separator is used for secondary crushing and screening of waste paper pulp in the pulp system, and we provide a variety of equipment for pulp screening and deflaking.

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Drum Screen Continuous Impurity-removing System


In the low consistency and continuous impurity-removing system, the drum screen is mainly used to remove the large and light impurities of the waste paper pulp. Contact us for more details and prices on low consistency continuous impurity-removing systems and drum screens.

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Pulp Mid Consistency Pressure Screen Manufacturer


Mid consistency pressure screens are used to screen large and small impurities in the slurry. We produce mid consistency pressure screens covering an area of 0.3-6 square meters, with a total of ten models for customers to choose.

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Drum Pulper


Drum pulper interior division pre-soaking area, high consistency pulping area and screen area three industrial areas. We produce nine models of drum pulpers and customize the pulping equipment required by customers.

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Processing Line For Waste Paper


For the processing line of waste carton paper, we use the process flow of AOCC to produce kraft paper, we provide the whole production line.

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Mechanical Pulping Equipment


Mechanical pulping equipment requires a variety of equipment. We provide hydraulic pulpers, double-disc refiners and other equipment for large, medium and small paper mills, and customize pulp production lines for customers.

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Waste Paper Recycling Line Equipment


We provide the entire waste paper recycling line, the raw materials can be OCC, LOCC, waste newspapers, magazines, etc. Customize different types of equipment according to customer needs.

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Pulp Screening System Drum Screen


Pulp screening system drum screen are often used in OCC and LOCC raw materials to remove various light and heavy impurities, and produce kraft paper, corrugated paper, boxboard and cardboard.

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