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Tissue Paper Making Line

Paper Pulping Machine Reject Separator


Utilizing state-of-the-art screening technology, the reject separator effectively removes unwanted materials. Leizhan stands at the forefront with its innovative reject separator, designed to revolutionize paper mill operations.

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Mid Consistency Pressure Screen for Paper Recycling


In the rapidly developing paper making industry, the choice of pulp processing equipment directly affects production efficiency and paper quality. The ZNS series of mid-consistency pressure screen launched by Leizhan can be used for both coarse screening and fine screening. Its broad applicability makes it ideal for pulp processing.

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Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine


Our facial tissue paper making machine can not only be flexibly adjusted to produce facial tissues of different specifications, but also ensure the uniformity, softness and absorbency of facial tissues.

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Low Energy Consumption Drum Pulper


Leizhan’s drum pulper, with its unique design and excellent performance, provides an efficient and sustainable solution for waste paper recycling. Our drum pulper can continuously and gently break down waste paper, not only preserving the original fiber structure, but also dealing with poor quality waste paper raw materials.

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Vibrating Screen of Paper Production


By achieving optimal fiber distribution, the vibrating screen enhances the paper’s strength, smoothness, and overall printability, which are essential qualities for various paper grades. Vibrating screen plays a crucial role in optimizing efficiency and quality across paper manufacturing operations.

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Low Density Cleaner of Pulp Manufacturers


The low density cleaner from Leizhan is designed with the latest technology to ensure superior performance and reliability. It is built to meet the demands of modern pulp production, offering unmatched efficiency and effectiveness in removing impurities from the pulp.

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25TD Tissue Paper Making Machine


One of the key strengths of Leizhan’s tissue paper making machines is their adaptability to diverse manufacturing needs. Leizhan collaborates closely with clients to tailor tissue paper machines that align with specific production requirements and operational constraints. This customization capability extends to the integration of advanced features and technologies, further enhancing the paper machines’ performance and versatility.

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Small Capacity Toilet Paper Production Line


Leizhan is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the paper industry, and our toilet paper production line is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Our toilet paper production line is designed to accommodate various paper grades and sizes, offering flexibility to cater to diverse market needs.

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