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High Quality Pulp Chest Mixer Manufacturer

Agitation machine JB series agitator
Leizhan specialize in manufacturing top-notch quality JB series agitator/mixer for paper mill.  The paper pulping process machine JB series pulp chest mixer is highly demanded by paper and pulp industries for its widespread applications.

Efficient paper pulping

JB series agitator is used to transport slurry in pulp chest and ensures slurry remain suspending condition. Leizhan specially designed agitator has the advantage of high efficient and long service life and its advanced blade design and adjustable angle helps to meet specific process need. By using Leizhan advanced JB series agitator, paper manufacturing process efficiency can be improved.

Benefits of JB series pulp chest mixer

  • Effective agitation at low energy consumption.
  • All parts exposed to water are made of stainless steel.
  • Adjustable angle, high efficiency, easy to replace.
  • Advanced blade design, strong thrust.