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Paper Sheet Character Influence Factors


In paper making process, water content is the main factors influence the paper sheet character, so how is the water content influence the paper sheet?

Paper Sheet Character And Water Content

1. When the paper is exposed to the atmosphere, it absorbs or desorbs moisture until equilibrium is reached.

2. If the paper reaches equilibrium water by desorption, the water content will be higher than the equilibrium moisture achieved by absorption.

3. The water content in the paper sheet is usually measured and controlled with an on-line sensor. Depending on the different of paper type and finally using, the paper roll water content can vary from a few percent to 10%.

4. For the standardization, the water content generally refers to the equilibrium water content reached by absorption at 50% RH and 23℃ and then measured by the paper is dried at 105 ° C to constant weight.

5. Almost all paper performance is affected by the paper sheet water content. Due to these effects, most paper tests are carried out under the control of certain ambient humidity.