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3400/160 Multi-cylinder Corrugated Paper Machine

This Corrugated Paper Machine is designed with open headbox and single long wire forming part, press section adopts a vacuum press, and a large roll press with a pneumatic pressurizing system. The drying section is equipped with open large gear transmission and square box type frame. The paper machine is semi-opening hood and full digital control AC frequency conversion sub-section transmission scheme.

Main Tech About Paper Machine

Main product: high-strength corrugated paper, etc
Net paper width: 3400mm
Production capacity: 40-60t/d
Working speed: 70-150m/min
Design speed: 160m/min
Net width: 3850mm
Gauge: 4500mm
Sizing concentration: 0.5-0.8%
Banner moisture difference: ≤±0.8%
Banner quantitative difference: ≤±1.5%
Compressed air pressure: ≤0.6mpa
Maximum single piece weight: ≈22t

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