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Bale Breaker In Waste Paper Recycling Line

The structure design of the bale breaker is reasonable, which overcomes the original shortcomings and saves labor. The bale breaker screens a large number of impurities into the pulping process, reducing the burden on subsequent equipment.

Main Technical Parameter Of Bale Breaker

Model: SBJ2500 SB2750 SBJ3000 SB3250 SB3500 SBJ3750
Cylinder diameter(mm): Ф2500 Ф2750 Ф3000 Ф3250 Ф3500 Ф3750
Screen hole size:Ф25-Ф50
Capacity t/d: 180-350 200-450 220-600 260-750 300-900 330-1100
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