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Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing Project

Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing Project

Leizhan delivers the whole corrugated cardboard manufacturing line for recycled waste paper processing. The whole corrugated cardboard making line has two components: stock preparation system and paper production system.

Paper plants can choose commercial wood pulp, commodity paper, recycled waste paper and so on as raw materials to produce high strength and top quality corrugated/fluting cardboard.

Stock preparation system

Firstly, use chain conveyor to conveying raw material into the pulping machine( drum type pulper, d type hydrapulper, etc.) for pulping.
Then, as there are some impurities in the paper pulp, slurry will be conveyed into high density cleaner for removing heavy impurities.
What’s more, to screen contaminates in slurry, screening equipment like mid consistency pressure screen, inflow pressure screen, vibrating screen will be used.
Finally, the waste paper will turn into fine pulp.

Corrugated/fluting cardboard manufacturing line

After waste paper turn into fine pulp, it will be conveyed into paper making machine for producing end products. Technical information of Leizhan corrugated/fluting cardboard making machine as follows:

Paper Grade High-strength Corrugated Paper
Trimmed Width(mm) 1575-5800
Basis Weight(GSM) 150
Operating Speed(m/min) 100-800
Production Capacity(TPD) 15-500