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Electrical And Mechanical Fault With Paper Machine


As an electrical technician, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the equipment under management, a clear understanding of the working principle and design thinking, and a clear understanding of the principle and then an analysis and judgment based on the phenomenon are the basis for correctly distinguishing the cause of the fault.

Electrical Fault

1) The inverter cannot be started, and the load is not stuck or blocked;
2) The motor generates abnormal heat or even smoke. This may be a line failure or an internal failure of the motor;
3) Operation failure, unbalanced load distribution.

Mechanical Fault

1) Bearing is hot;
2) The sound of equipment rotation is abnormal, the periodic sound is obvious and the mechanical cycle can be observed;
3) The common mechanical failure of the mesh department is the slippage of the screen roller, which is manifested as good or bad load distribution, especially abnormal acceleration.

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