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Paper Break In Paper Production Line


Paper break sometimes occurs in paper production line, which has a certain influence on paper machine production efficiency, so what’s the reason of paper break in paper making process?

Paper Break Reason Of Paper Machine

1. Paper broken appears in paper machine production line, the main reason is that the wet paper sheet has too much moisture in production line, wet paper sheet have cuts or folds and holes, base weight is too small and so on.

2. Of course paper machine dryer section may also cause paper break. The main reason of paper machine dryer section paper break is that the tension changes between dryer cylinder groups, paper pieces falling, high temperature of dryer cylinder, drying cylinder surface unclean and so on.

Found the cause of paper break, then should try to avoid the problem occurrence in paper machine production line, so as not to affect the production efficiency of paper machine production line .

Corrugated Paper Machine

Paper Grade: High-strength Corrugated Paper

Trimmed Width(mm): 1575-5800

Basis Weight(GSM): 150

Operating Speed(m/min): 100-800

Production Capacity(TPD): 15-500